The Perfect Home Body Workout

Ok so, I’m a little behind the times but I have recently fallen in love with The Deckers! Cam was away for a work trip and I was casually flipping through the channels one night before bed and came across an episode from their second season of “Eric and Jessie : Game On”. I text my US bestie raving about how sweet, relatable and amazing these two were and she just laughed at me.. “I know!”

Anyway, I’ve since been following Jessie on social media and she just uploaded this video. Now I’m not post baby but when you move around a lot (expat wives, you feel me!) sometimes it can be really hard to :

1) Find the time (timezones and jet lag can be cruel)
2) The motivation! (no need to explain!)
3) Finding the right foods to fuel your body.. changing cities or countries means new supermarkets, and I’m struggling right now to find somewhere that has good, fresh, reliable produce.
4) Finding a gym.

So, long story short I have been working out a lot a home with YouTube videos and Jessie uploaded this perfect, full body heating workout and I love it.

Thanks girl!



DIY with Brothers Leather Craft

My parents came to visit Hong Kong and I wanted to do something a little creative this time around, considering we ticked most of the tourist boxes for them last trip.

I stumbled across a post by a friend of mine from KL on Facebook where she was making a leather belt in what looked like an amazing little space somewhere in Sheung Wan. I hunted down the place, quickly emailed the owners and booked Dad and I in for a class.

Location : Brothers Leather craft
DIY : Small leather card holder
Skill Level : Beginner
Time : 3 hours

The 852 has been experiencing a serious heat wave, this turned out to be the perfect air conditioned day time activity! The shop is only small so classes are kept to 2-3 people. Ken is the leather working master and doesn’t speak much English but his hand gestures and visual guidelines are en pointe!

Step by Step

Step 1 : Choose your leather

Step 2 : Cut out your pattern


Step 3 : Apply pattern to leather and cut out


Step 4 : Mark holes for stitching

Step 5 : Punch holes for stitching


Step 6 : Finish the edging

Step 7 : Glue interior and exterior pieces together, aligning holes for stitching


Step 8 : Choose your thread and stitch it up!


Step 9 : Admire your finished product

Brothers Leather craft is located at 50 Po Hing Fong, Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong
You can book by calling +852 5122 3474 or message via their Facebook Page.

Huge thanks to Ken for sharing his skills with us!

Chronicles Guide to Sailing Sardinia

We had been dying to get away and spend some time near the ocean. Kuala Lumpur is land locked and we had been missing the sun, sand and salt water something bad. We decided to try and get a good crew together, hire a yacht, chase some European sunshine and spend a week sailing around the Italian island of Sardinia.


We went ahead and booked our yacht through Italy Charter. The girls there were super helpful and we ended chartering a 45ft Grand Soleil called “Em“. The boat was based in Portisco, on the Costa Smeralda, one of the larger and busier ports in Sardinia.

The weeks run Saturday-Saturday, setting sail on the first day at about 3pm and disembarking on your last day at 9am. This is plenty of time to hoist the sails (be prepared if it’s your first time, like me, I was terrified! As soon as the wind catches the sails you’re flying and 90º to the water) and explore everything Sardinia has to offer.

We were somewhat eager on our first day and overshot our first anticipated stop by about an hour, ending up in the islands of La Maddalena. As the night hit twilight we pulled into Spiaggia di Spalmatore which is a smaller beach bay just south of Porto Massimo and anchored on a buoy. We got stung 70€ for the pleasure of floating around there for the night. The guys that run the beach organised a car for us to take us up the hill to a restaurant for dinner. We ate, drank and collapsed back into bed, exhausted after our first day.


Our morning started with a chilly dip into some of the clearest waters I have ever seen and then a very slow trip in our inflatable over to Porto Massimo for much needed caffeine.


Next stop Cannigione. An epic storm rolled in just as we arrived. We dropped anchor, opened a bottle of red and waited for the wild weather to pass. We took the inflatable (which was not the most reliable mode of transport) into the jetty and heading for a bite to eat. Cannigione is a large town in comparison to a lot of the other tiny ports. Bars, restaurants and gifts store are scattered all along the main drag. We ate a small restaurant in a courtyard by the church and all ended up buying matching “I ♡ Sardegna”  jumpers after the weather turned cold. Phi Beach was thrown at us as a must see by a few people so we called a car and headed there just after sunset. It was a stunning spot and would be phenomenal during peak summer or to sit and watch sunset. Continue reading

Chronicles Guide to Rome, Italy

We decided that we had to visit this romantic city as a part of our honeymoon. With it being my second visit but the first for Cam, I was so excited to jump into playing tour guide and show him all the magic of Roma (gelato in hand, of course).

Our flights in were delayed and we ended up losing an entire day, but that didn’t dampen our spirits. We landed early in AM after a quick stop over in Munich from Hong Kong – not the most direct route, I know – and headed straight to our hotel to check in.

Continue reading

Chronicles Guide to Marrakech, Morocco

Destination Inspiration – Marrakech, Morocco.

Ever since I was a little girl I have been drawn to the magical stories of Arabian nights. Hidden treasures, princesses and mysterious characters moving through market places, cloaked in clothes made from hand woven silks, dyed in brilliant colours. Pretty sure Disney is to blame for my far away exotic destination obsessions.. because when it really comes down to it, all I want to be is Princess Jasmine. She has amazing hair and a tiger as her bestie – #lifeinspo!

A few years ago I decided it was time to lose myself in the maze-like souks and sleep like a local (possibly a little more comfortably than..) in a Riad and truly experience what Marrakech has to offer.

Hot off the plane from London it wasn’t long until I felt completely out of my comfort zone. The airport seems to be miles from the city, plonked in the middle of the desert, and with Arabic and French being the spoken languages I was pulling on my high school memories of French classes to get me to my Riad. When I did eventually arrive, I was greeted by Fatima and Abdul who run P’tite Habibi. I was welcomed with Moroccan tea and desserts (a delightfully sweet mint tea that I have never been able to re create at home!) and given a seat on a day bed looking out to the open air courtyard whilst I waited for my room to be heated. The day bed was surrounded by tall standing vases filled with the most vibrant coloured peacock feathers. All things pretty seem to easily catch my eye, I whipped out my camera and started snapping away. Without a sound Fatima appeared and whispered in broken English, “for good luck..” . It was at that moment I knew that there was magic in the real life version of my disney princess adventure. Continue reading