We’re Expecting!

For those of you who know us well this won’t be new to you but we are so excited to announce that our little family will be growing by one in late October.

announcement photo

Cameron and I have been talking about children since before we got married, it was always something on cards and in our not too distant future. We thought, like a lot of couples, that it would happen pretty quickly. I’m only in my late 20’s, we’re both fit and healthy.. but it took us over a year to conceive this little girl.

Our TTC journey started in early 2015. We were chatting about timing and when we thought would be an ideal month for baby to be born (like we had a choice!), events I didn’t want to pregnant for and other things. We decided to just start “trying without trying” and I assumed I would be pregnant at my sisters wedding that March. Well March rolled around, then our birthday’s in May, a trip home to Australia in June along with negative test after negative test. I started really looking into understand the timing of it and figuring out my cycles. “Trying” got a little more serious and a little less fun so by the time Christmas came around we decided to stop charting and put away the thermometer. I have to admit that it was all a little bit defeating. Girlfriends were announcing pregnancies “We only just start trying” and the desire to pregnant almost consumed my days.

Taking some time out and reconnecting with Cam was the BEST thing we could have done. I realised that I needed to put Cam first even when trying for a baby. Our marriage settled back down into a much better place and 6 weeks later I fell pregnant!

We were away on an amazing trip through South Africa to celebrate a friends wedding when I decided to take a test the day after Valentines Day. TWO DARK LINES instantly appeared and I could barely catch my breath! I burst into tears and couldn’t wait to share the news with Cam.

I’m now 18 weeks along and only just starting to show. Pregnancy has been a difficult ride so far but I’m doing my best to embrace each day as it comes. Now that I’m over the worst of my morning sickness (I hope) I’ll start uploading some trimester updates and some of the things that helped me through TTC.


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