The Perfect Home Body Workout

Ok so, I’m a little behind the times but I have recently fallen in love with The Deckers! Cam was away for a work trip and I was casually flipping through the channels one night before bed and came across an episode from their second season of “Eric and Jessie : Game On”. I text my US bestie raving about how sweet, relatable and amazing these two were and she just laughed at me.. “I know!”

Anyway, I’ve since been following Jessie on social media and she just uploaded this video. Now I’m not post baby but when you move around a lot (expat wives, you feel me!) sometimes it can be really hard to :

1) Find the time (timezones and jet lag can be cruel)
2) The motivation! (no need to explain!)
3) Finding the right foods to fuel your body.. changing cities or countries means new supermarkets, and I’m struggling right now to find somewhere that has good, fresh, reliable produce.
4) Finding a gym.

So, long story short I have been working out a lot a home with YouTube videos and Jessie uploaded this perfect, full body heating workout and I love it.

Thanks girl!



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