DIY with Brothers Leather Craft

My parents came to visit Hong Kong and I wanted to do something a little creative this time around, considering we ticked most of the tourist boxes for them last trip.

I stumbled across a post by a friend of mine from KL on Facebook where she was making a leather belt in what looked like an amazing little space somewhere in Sheung Wan. I hunted down the place, quickly emailed the owners and booked Dad and I in for a class.

Location : Brothers Leather craft
DIY : Small leather card holder
Skill Level : Beginner
Time : 3 hours

The 852 has been experiencing a serious heat wave, this turned out to be the perfect air conditioned day time activity! The shop is only small so classes are kept to 2-3 people. Ken is the leather working master and doesn’t speak much English but his hand gestures and visual guidelines are en pointe!

Step by Step

Step 1 : Choose your leather

Step 2 : Cut out your pattern


Step 3 : Apply pattern to leather and cut out


Step 4 : Mark holes for stitching

Step 5 : Punch holes for stitching


Step 6 : Finish the edging

Step 7 : Glue interior and exterior pieces together, aligning holes for stitching


Step 8 : Choose your thread and stitch it up!


Step 9 : Admire your finished product

Brothers Leather craft is located at 50 Po Hing Fong, Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong
You can book by calling +852 5122 3474 or message via their Facebook Page.

Huge thanks to Ken for sharing his skills with us!


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