And stop… for now

Ok, so I know that the whole point of starting this website was to keep you all in the loop. My bad. Things have been non stop, and honestly don’t look like they’ll be slowing down any time soon, so here between conference calls, emails and invoicing I thought I’d take 10 minutes to quickly write.

We made it! From LA to Florida to New York, Dubai, Sydney and the Gold Coast, we’re here together (well not exactly together) in Hong Kong. It has been the craziest start to 2015.

Our apartment is great, everyone raved on about the size of the spaces here (or lack there of) but this is perfect and we love it. We’re in an amazing spot in Mid Levels, just off the escalators, close enough but far enough from the action.. close enough to be involved but far enough to not have to hear it every night! So far its been just me spending most of my time here as Cam has been away loads, spending most of his time on standby in Kuala Lumpur. It’s not all bad though. I have been bunking in and working my butt off.. Ive booked some modelling jobs and secured some meetings to get Island State out there! So far Cam’s done one trip, with a pit stop in HK for the night which meant we got to have a dinner together!! (Its the little things 🙂 ) before jetting off to Beijing early in the AM.

Florida was so cool.. We even saw a gator! And we dint have to go to the Alligator park to witness this feisty little creature either. We spotted him perched on the banks of the lake out the front of Chilis! We also saw the night launch of Atlas V, and spent an afternoon at The Kennedy Space Centre. Will write more on our little trip soon.

Dubai was busy! Cam’s days were taken up with study and most of mine with work, a few shoots and then when we were together we explored (like we do) and hung out with some friends. Will do a “Chronicles Guide…” on Dubai for you guys too.

For now, it’s back to work for me.. yep its 8:56pm (no rest for the wicked huh).
More to come.

Love J x


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