The Beginning

Those of you who know us, know our story already.. It’s a very cute boy meets girl kind thing with a tiny splash of cliche..(pilot woos flight attendant). It has been a whirlwind romance that saw us marry just over two years after our first date (the one where he whisked me off to Thailand for a week.. i know!) Ever since we have been bouncing from here to there for either work or pleasure
and are now making the biggest move into our next chapter and are taking on the bright lights of Hong Kong. Hello private life! No one can ever seem to pin us to one point for long enough to properly catch up so I decided (after the idea was planted in my mind by my beautiful friend and Sassy Australia Editor Arabella – thank you) to create this space to share with you all our adventure. The discovery of all things great and small, the places we go to, people we meet, the time we take to live this little life of ours to the burst the seams fullest.  Where ever we are, in advance, thank you for joining us. I hope you enjoy the ride! J x


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